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Roll-to-roll Series Printers

Superior print production

Our Roll to Roll series printers offer customers the highest performance and cost-effective technology in the printing industry. By utilizing the advanced Kyocera printheads and Magnetic Linear Drive system (3200 Turbo & 5000), our Roll to Roll printers produce at the highest speeds and image quality for a fraction of the cost offered by our competitors.  We offer three models: 3200 (126"), 3200 Turbo (126"), and 5000 (196"). All CET Roll-to-Roll printers are field upgradeable if you decide you need a different configuration! Additionally, included with all CET Roll-to-Roll printers are LED Cure Lamps, and a Static Guard Kit. Other features of our Roll-to-Roll units include:


  • Uses fast-drying, VOC-free UV inks


  • Robust feed & take-up system

  • Dual Roll Printing

  • Mesh Kit Included

K2-3200 Roll-to-roll:
K2-3200 Turbo Roll-to-roll:
3200 Turbo
K2-5000 Roll-to-roll:
Kyocera Printheads:
  • State-of-the-art Kyocera print head technology featuring 2,656 nozzles per head

  • Ultra-fine variable dots: 4-6-10 picoliters 

  • Configurable from 4-10 printheads in double-rows 

RTR Print Speeds
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