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k2-500hs 98" highspeed

Print on virtually any substrate

Our Kyocera Highspeed Hybrid is a versatile and cost effective option for users that require efficiency with improved productivity. Our K2-500 Highspeed features a linear magnetic drive system, and three rows of Kyocera print heads that allow for higher speeds, and finer print quality. Additionally, included with all CET Hybrid printers are LED Cure Lamps and a Static Guard Kit. Other features of the K2-500HS include:


  • Optional loading and unloading systems available

  • Production speeds up to 3,300 sq/ft per hour

  • Production quality up to 3600 DPI

  • 3 rows - Up to 16 Kyocera printheads

  • Adjustable water cooled LED curing system for heat sensitive media

  • Auto height detection on rolled or rigid substrates

  • Dual static suppression kit reduces static on static sensitive media

  • Auto belt correction system will automatically adjust for conveyor belt skewing

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