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Hybrid Series Printers

Print on virtually any substrate

Our Hybrid Series Printers are an excellent choice for users that need to print on a wide variety of media. In fact, these printers allow printing on virtually any substrate up to 2" thick. We offer three sizes (63", 98", and 126") and two printhead options (Ricoh Gen6 and Kyocera). All CET Hybrid printers are field upgradeable if you decide you need a different configuration! Additionally, included with all CET Hybrid printers are Front & Rear Extension Tables, LED Cure Lamps, and a Static Guard Kit. Other features of our Hybrid units include:


  • Uses fast-drying, VOC-free UV inks


  • Retractable alignment bar for accurate and rigid media alignment

  • Full width, belt-driven vacuum firmly holds media in place while moving it through the printing gantry

Q6/K2-250 Hybrid: 63"
Hybrid 250
Q6/K2-500 Hybrid: 98"
Hybrid 500
Q6/K2-1000 Hybrid: 126"
Ricoh Gen6 Printheads:
  • Latest Ricoh print head technology featuring 1,280 nozzles per head

  • Ultra-fine variable dots: 5-10-15 picoliters

  • Configurable from 2-8 printheads double-row (250h, 500h & 1000h)

Kyocera Printheads:
  • State-of-the-art Kyocera print head technology featuring 2,656 nozzles per head

  • Ultra-fine variable dots: 4-6-10 picoliters 

  • Configurable from 2-4 printheads single-row (250h & 500h) and 2-8 printheads double-row (1000h)

Hybrid Print Speeds
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