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Who are we?

CET Color: Printers & People You Can Trust

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Our Story

CET Color: Printers & People you can trust. Our mission is to be leaders in innovation and to provide the highest quality products and outstanding service that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. When we could not find quality printers for our needs, we started building our own. 25 years later, we are still driven to create the most innovative, high-quality, and practical printers in the industry. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of flatbed, hybrid, roll-to-roll, and packaging UV printers. At CET Color, we believe in our products and want to help your company succeed. We strive to not only provide outstanding print solutions, but also exceptional customer service. Let us help you find the best print solution for your business. 

Ernie Chin CET Color

A printer owner turned

printer maker

As a print shop owner, Ernie Chin often found himself disappointingly limited by the printer options on the market. So he took them into his own hands. Part by part, he began tweaking his machines to achieve the speed and quality he wanted. Revamping printers became a hobby, and that hobby eventually led to the birth of “Chin E. Technologies,” today’s CET Color.


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